An education and support group for parents coping with infants up to one year of age who spill and/or are irritable.
One of the aims of this group is to enhance a parent’s ability to manage the everyday demands that this brings to their life.

Facilitator: Judy Arnold, Registered Nurse, and Infant and Child Consultant –

Wednesday 17th February 2016, 2nd March 2016, 16 March 2016, 30th March 2016

Morning tea provided.

Location: Christchurch Central

Cost: Donation via our Givealittle page appreciated. This is tax deductible.

Registration essential. Limited to 10 families – fathers and babies welcome.  REGISTRATIONS NOW CLOSED.

Spilt Milk Programme Outline February / March 2016

Week 1 : Introduction. Expectations pre pregnancy versus reality post pregnancy.

Week 2 : The Sensory System – A key to soothing a crying baby and calming parents.

Week 3 : Understanding why your crying baby and sleep deprivation creates stress. Practical tips for looking after ourselves and tips for partners.

Week 4 : Conclusion, sitting comfortably with “where you are at”, goal setting and how to get there.

Management of Gastric Reflux is not a topic of the Spilt Milk Programme, but soothing of a crying baby is discussed. 

Hosted by:
Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ for Parents of Infants and Children Charitable Banner (640x161)Trust (GRSNNZ)
Charities Registration Number: CC26780.

Funded by NZ Lottery Grant Board.





This is an open event i.e membership of Spilt Milk or Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ is not required.